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This is not someone's whim

Why the country needs a law on public-private partnership

The faster in Belarus will be adopted already developed and passed by international expert examination law about public-private partnership (PPP), the greater will be the country's success in innovation development. The scientific and innovation experts at the press conference on the above problem repeatedly emphasize this idea.

In their opinion, attraction by government organizations private sector organizations to cooperate in carrying out development projects in the engineering, industrial, social and transport infrastructure is not someone's whim, and the objective need for economic development. Private structures, which are willing to share the risks, associated with operating in innovation, with the public partner, are often more wealthy off financially. They are keenly interested in the fact that the money invested quickly earned. They have a better management.

Today, this business model is widely used in most of the developed world. It began to develop rapidly and effectively in the early 90's of the last century in the UK, then in the USA. And if the British began with health and education, the Americans have pioneered its use in innovation sphere. Laws about PPP adopted in the European Union, Ukraine and Moldova. In Russia, this bill is at the stage of approval. But at our eastern neighbors, and without that there are opportunities to take advantage of this partnership because the subjects of the federation have mechanisms for self-resolution of conflicts arising from the joint efforts of public and private partners.

As for Belarus, in the opinion of manager of Chair of Economics Theory in Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus Irina Novikova, enactment law of the PPP, which still lingers, we need to and in connection with the prospects of the country's entry into the World Trade Organization. Because requirements therein are such: if the country joins in the WTO, the state, in order to not to create conditions of unfair competition can’t fund the research and development by 100 %. Private business must be involved in their implementation. Therefore, if we set the task to work on the accession to the WTO, it is necessary that innovative system was adapted to the requirements of this organization.

It is clear, that bringing together the «ice and fire», – the private and public business – in the rules of game necessary to foresee very much in order to between partners do not occur friction. But in the world experts have worked on these issues, so only need to transfer a positive experience on our soil. As long as it does not always turns. For example, international experts who analyzed the project of the Belarusian PPP law, pointed to serious «bomb» planted under this partnership.  In the project has been said that a year after the establishment of public-private partnership, in accordance with the law, appropriate authorities are able to come and see how public money is spent.

It seems all right. Check is necessary. And like the best. But why should business look for extra adventures on his head? It has, besides the joint project with the public partner, other directions of activity. And it is not interested to inspectors found there errors that are inevitable in any case because of inadequate legislation.

This problem is not new, in the world already has a mechanism, which allows and organize checks and entrepreneurs do not scare away from the cooperation with the state. In this case, banks rather than public bodies conduct verifications.

As emphasized at the press conference, the adoption of the law on public-private partnership, which will relevant international practice and minimizes risks to foreign and domestic private capital, will make our country more attractive for investment. This will be especially useful when implementing costly infrastructure projects, on which the government did not always have the means.

Дата публикации: 20.02.2013
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