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Not for sale to third countries

120th air defense missile brigade has got a second set of the world famous Tor-M2 complex

“The new air defense missile complex Tor-M2 shall not be sold to third countries, it is only available for the armed forces of Russia and Belarus,” said Anatoly Zakharov, deputy director general of ‘Kupol’ Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant where the equipment, outstripping capabilities of a most educated, intelligent and smartest person, was designed and manufactured.

The complex is designed for air defense of various military and civilian facilities from enemy attack. It proved to be effective in confrontation with planes, helicopters, various types of unmanned aerial vehicles, guided missiles and bombs flying at average, low and extremely low altitudes. The complex is able to operate when affected by radio interference, clearly distinguish between the friendly and the enemy air objects. It can also track and choose the most dangerous targets to destroy.

Senior lieutenant Alexey Levchuk took command of the second battery of Tor-M2. Starting his career from the first battery of air defense missile complex Tor-M2, the officer within three months learned how to operate the missile system under the guidance of constructors at the factory. Last August, he took part in military exercises in the Russian Ashuluk training area. Senior lieutenant Levchuk has got most positive impressions of the battle launch.

“One Tor-M2 vehicle can substitute a whole battery of Buk missiles. The systems are fully automated and almost do not involve participation of humans,” said the officer.

“All the four combat crews of the Tor-M2 complex hit the targets in Ashuluk receiving an excellent mark,” said commander of the air force and air defense of the Armed Forces of Belarus Colonel Oleg Dvigalev.

In addition, as commander of the 120th air defense missile brigade of the Western Command tactical air force and air defense forces Colonel Roman Goncharenko noted, distinctive features of the Tor equipment include high maneuverability, mobility, short reaction time, automation of combat work, effectiveness of hitting a wide range of targets including cruise missiles, guided bombs, airplanes, helicopters, drones and other remotely controlled equipment.

The second set of the Tor-M2 air defense missile system was delivered to the brigade in accordance with the State Program for Rearmament of the Armed Forces of our country developed for 2006 – 2015. This is not the only novelty in the army. Over 30 latest models of equipment and weaponry are supplied to the Belarusian army annually. Last year, for example, the army received 38 new types of military products.

The Ministry of Defense is especially proud to report that many issues related to creating a single automated army command and control system have been solved in recent years.

“Rearmament of the 120th air defense missile brigade is a prime example of fruitful cooperation between Belarus and Russia,” Belarus’ Deputy Defense Minister for armament Igor Lotenkov said.

He noted also that last December an agreement to buy Russian Yak-130 airplanes was signed with Irkut Corporation. It is world’s only training aircraft with aerodynamic configuration and subsonic flight performance characteristics similar to modern jet fighters. The training Yak aircraft, the military say, can be used for training pilots operating fifth-generation airplanes.

Photo by Yuri MOZOLEVSKY

Дата публикации: 24.01.2013
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